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Rental Rates


Boat Rental Rates

Boat Motor Capacity Security Deposit Half Day PriceWeek days only Full Day Price
Deluxe 22′ Triple Pontoon 90 hp Mercury 4 stoke 12 Persons n/a $225 $325
18.5′ Boston Whaler 135 hp Mercury 4 stroke 5 Persons n/a $200 $275
18.5′ McKee Craft 150 Yamaha 5Persons n/a $175 $275
20′ Fiberglass Pontoon
Boats by Summer Breeze
60 hp Mercury 4 stroke outboard 8 Persons
or 1965 lbs
$200 $150 $250
22′ Fiberglass Pontoon
Boats by Summer Breeze
60 hp Mercury 4 stroke outboard 10 Persons
or 2124 lbs
$200 $175 $275
24′ Fiberglass Pontoon
Boats by Summer Breeze
60 hp Mercury 4 stroke outboard 12 Persons
or 2358 lbs
$200 $200 $300
20′ Summerbreeze Boat 135hp Merc 8 persons $400 $250 $350
19′ Hurricane Deck Boat 225 HP 8 persons $400 $250 $350

All of our boats are rented with fuel tanks full. Customers will be charged for their actual fuel usage upon their return. In some cases fuel use may be estimated based upon fuel gauges. Fuel price will be the rate charged by marina on the day of use.

We offer a 10% discount to anyone who provides certification that they have successfully passed the USCG Auxiliary Safe Boating Course.

Our Rental Boats:



Kayak Rentals


Kayak Size Half day price Full day price
Small 1 person sit on Kayak $35 $50
Large 1 person sit on Kayak $40 $60
Two Person sit on Kayak $45 $65



SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) Rentals


Half day price Full day price
$40 $60



Hours of Rental:

Year Round Hours of Operation:A full day rental is 8:30 AM to 4:30 PMA morning half day is 8:30 AM to 12:00 PMAn afternoon half-day is 12:30 PM to 4:30 PM


For persons wanting to use coupons and certificates from third parties be advised that there is a black out period from March 1, 2016 to August 31, 2016 when these coupons can not be used for weekend and holiday period rentals.  If you wish to rent a boat on a weekend or holiday period we do have a new “In-house Coupon discount” that we will be happy to tell you about.  The discount and pricing is different on each boat so call us at 727-943-8498 and tell us you would like the “New In-house Coupon” price for the boat of your choice.    The third party coupons are still redeemable for weekday rentals that are not in the excluded holiday periods.

Important Information


You may pick up half-day boats late, but they still must be returned by the time listed above. If you have an afternoon half day reservation and your boat of choice is not out for the morning we may be able to allow you an earlier departure if you call and request it. In such a case you may return 4 hours after departure or you may pay an additional pro rated amount and stay out until 4:30. If you are on a ½ day morning rental and determine that you would like to stay out longer you may call us and if others do not reserve your boat for the afternoon, we may be able to allow you to stay out and pay a pro rated additional amount for the time. (Do not assume this or you will be charged late fees, you must call in prior to the return time and make arrangements.

Customers please return boats on time, often there are others waiting for the boat or our staff is trying to go home to spend time with their families. It is inconsiderate of others to be late returning the boat and it can often cost us overtime. Always allow 45 minutes to return from Anclote Island to insure that you are on time. A grace period of only 5 minutes is all that will be allowed. After that period, YOU WILL BE CHARGED A $100 LATE FEE. Don’t ask for special consideration we do not waive this fee. Should boat not be returned within the first one hour period after the scheduled return time an additional $100 late fee will be charged for each subsequent hour that the boat is late. These additional $100 fees will be enforceable at the beginning of the period for which they are to be paid; there will be no prorating.

Extended Hours and Overnight Rentals:

At times extended hours and overnight rentals may be scheduled for an additional fee. Any extended hours must be scheduled and approved prior to day of rental because we must make arrangements for staff to do an after hours check in. Under no conditions may boats be operated when it is dark. If boats are approved for overnight use, they are to be securely docked or safely anchored during all night hours. There is a $250 fine for any operation of our boats after dark. (All boats have locator devices; we will know if they move).

Multi Day or Weekly Rates:

If you are staying in the area on the water and you want to keep a boat for several days or even a week, contact us to determine availability and pricing. We will work with you to enhance your vacation on the water.

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  • Belle Boat Rentals
    307 Anclote Rd
    Tarpon Springs, FL
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  • About Us

    Belle Boat Rentals is located inside the Belle Harbour Marina and provides the experiance of an enjoyable day on the water with a boat perfect for your needs, without the hassles of boat ownership.
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